Jason Cyr

The company we used before felt more like a Mom & Pop shop than a professional computer company. They didn't seem to do things by the book and sometimes they would make us wait days before taking care of us. This definitely affected the flow of our business. With ThinkTech, everything is handled much more efficiently and reliably. In fact, we have less issues now than we've ever had and they have freed up literally 3-4 hours of my time each week.

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Craig Obara

Our employees used to come to me with all kinds of computer technology questions that I really didn't have time to answer. Now that we have the experts at ThinkTech reporting on the health of our network, I don't get those questions anymore. It has been a tremendous time saver to work with them!

C. Raymond Hunt & Assoc.

Jeff Betelho

We are really happy with the level of service we receive from ThinkTech. They advise us on when we should upgrade our technology so we can plan and budget for it, they maintain our computers so we don't have to worry about that, and they are always there to answer any questions we have. It's definitely an asset to our company.

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Dan Deneault

Everything about outsourcing to ThinkTech makes sense. The service has been very effective in supporting our needs; our network has stayed up and running. Plus, I trust them, so I no longer have to pretend that I know something about computers. I'm looking forward to working with ThinkTech for many, many years to come.

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Diana Bey

Since 2001, Thinktech has continued to provide us prompt and courteous service with extremely competent staff members. They have become an integral part of keeping our operations running smoothly. One of the biggest benefits we've received from working with ThinkTech is knowing that they are always there for us and always looking out for us. That peace of mind is priceless.

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Maureen Quail

This program takes an enormous weight off my shoulders. I know I can trust ThinkTech's expertise, reliability, and efficiency to keep our multiple sites up and running and to be there right away when we need them. The Network Headache Eliminator Program has most definitely helped free up my time and allowed us to budget our IT costs.

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